I like to make things, and I have been a serious fan of art and design as long as I can remember.  Sometime in the late '80s, I decided to pick up a brush.   

After a couple of decades focusing on other creative pursuits (including a series of DIY rock bands and a brief obsession with homebrewing), I decided to shift back to painting.  My work spans a variety of styles and media (oil, acrylic, gouache, ink, graphite, even house paint--Jackson Pollock's favorite!).  My early works tended to be figurative, and then I went through a prolonged abstract phase.  I currently try to strike a balance between the two to keep it interesting. 

Representational and figurative artists who have influenced my styles include Philip PearlsteinAndy Warhol and Patrick Nagel.  My favorite abstract artists tend to be from the mid-century Abstract Expressionism and Color Field movements, including Mark RothkoBarnett NewmanClyfford Still, Jackson PollockFranz Kline and Josef Albers

I recently started a series entitled "Bands That Didn't Make It"  to celebrate albums from some bands that few remember (thankfully).

Please check out my Works page to see my current output, and please contact me if you would like to discuss a custom commission for your home or office. 

-- Bart