Bright Antennae

Bright Antennae was a Mexican progressive rock band active from the early '70s through the '80s and into the early '90s.   (The three band members weren't Mexican; they actually were Canadian.  But when bass player and vocalist Gilbert Bates left Toronto unexpectedly for Oaxaca in 1971, the other members (guitarist Hubert Whitney and drummer Lawrence Mondello) felt compelled to join.  They never again resided in Canada, although they shared an ice-fishing holiday cabin in Saskatchewan.)

Known both for pretentious lyrics centered on a dystopian future and a bombastic power trio sound, BA was relatively unique in the prog rock genre in that the three members of the band were essentially incapable of playing their instruments.  They thought it made the band sound more "organic," but most listeners just found it annoying.  On top of that, the band insisted on playing songs with wildly varying time signatures, often within the same song.  (Sometimes the 9/8 or 13/16 was intentional, but most often it was just another symptom of a complete lack of musical talent.)