Geranium Kiss


Geranium Kiss was an art-rock project helmed by New York curmudgeon Drew Lee and "managed" and promoted by celebrity pop artist Billy Svobod.  The band had limited commercial or critical success during its three-year run (although West Coast promoter D.J. Hugh did give them a choice slot at 1971's PLUS Fest, mostly because he owed a debt to some people who knew some people in New York City).  The band's debut album featured a new sound that took some getting used to (particularly the songs featuring Paco, a Mallorcan male model and former tennis pro with no former singing experience whom Svobod discovered squatting at the The Boiler Room--the artist's warehouse headquarters and lair--and to whom he took a liking).  

The band broke up in 1973.  The saying goes that even though not many people listened to them at the time, everyone who did went out and started a band.  (Most of those bands sucked.)