Goes A Narwhal

Goes A Narwhal was a very quirky band.  Formed in Tuscaloosa, Alabama in 1976, the group merged a love of sci-fi, creature feature tropes and classic doo-wop into a very eclectic sonic collage.  Lead vocalist Judy Robinson would shout as much as sing; guitarist Donny West and bassist Zach Smith—each sporting a nostalgic Elvis pompadour—provided unusual (some would say atonal) harmonies to accompany Robinson.  Drummer William Robinson (no relation to Judy, although people said they did look like siblings and they coincidentally came from the same small town) kept the driving beat.  The band gained some national exposure in the late ‘70s (including with their radio hit “Jupiter Cadillac Tangerine” from 1979’s Exoplanetary), but they really hit the charts big years later with 1988’s Stellar Stuff

Goes A Narwhal continues to tour.  Their latest album, Aphrodite’s Fire, explores the R&B side of speed metal.