Lipstick Cherry

Lipstick Cherry (named after a character in an unpublished Kurt Vonnegut novella, not the signature hue of makeup the band favored) formed in Birmingham (England) in 1978.  Combining elements of rock, dance, new wave and even glam, the band released their debut album Rijo in 1981, finding some video rotation on MTV and a smattering of radio airplay.  Perhaps best known for kick-starting the fashion headband craze, the “classic” lineup included frontman Candy Canaday, guitarist Adam Cartwright, keyboardist Roy Coffee, bass player Joseph Cartwright and drummer Eric Cartwright.  (Adam and Roy were second cousins, but no one else was related.) 

Band members came and went, and the group never could recapture the limited magic evinced by its first three albums (including the 1985 UK No. 76, Steven and the Disheveled Meerkat).  But to their credit, they kept at it.  30 years later, the original members are still playing the songs from those albums on the nostalgia tour circuit.  (Fashion headbands--and by this point, hair--in short supply, several of the members recently switched to monogrammed trucker caps.)