Tom Major


Who is Tom Major?  What is Tom Major?

Although Major started out in the typical skiffle groups and graduated to some sunny day mid-'60s pop, he slithered into an alternate persona sometime around April 1969.   (There were several meteor showers across England that spring, and rumor circulated that Major had been struck by an infinitesimal alien particle.  Major, hearing the rumor, did nothing to dispel it.)  

What can we say?  This cat was strange.  But strange in an exciting, novel way.  

Major cycled through more personas over the '70s and '80s, ultimately morphing into a somewhat conventional, yet still unusual, pop artist.  He even collaborated briefly with Memphis blues savant Teddy Lee Wambaugh on the 1984 dance-rock masterpiece, Let's Prance, which reached No. 1 in numerous countries.  Not bad for a weirdo from Clapham.