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GILBERT  MILCH never intended to write a rock opera.  “It just kind of . . . happened.  A happy accident, I guess.”  Milch—the principal songwriter and self-appointed leader of Franco-Belgian psych-prog juggernaut Dark Lather—has many interests, but his secret passion is film.  

Exhausted from two years of worldwide touring on the strength of the band’s Weak Side of the Melon, Milch decided to take a detour from songwriting, boldly undertaking to draft a movie screenplay from an original concept.  The result, finally seeing fruition, is his soon-to-be-released directorial debut, Sommelier.

(Get the full story and the four-LP original motion picture soundtrack . . .)


acrylic gouache on illustration board

20" x 30"


after a photo by Fat Siberian Kurts

item no. 212

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